Interaction Design

Interaction Design

Interaction design is a type of design, which deals with designing of the interactive websites, applications, systems, environments, and services. All of these are based on the interaction between the information medium and user. The main attention in the interaction design is given to the users’ needs and desires.

Creation of the interaction design is a labor-intensive process, which ensures successful combination of content, graphics, visual and sound effects, and programming. This is the process that has the following stages:

  1. Motivation: there is a problem and we solve it.

  2. Meaning: what metaphors can applied and in what context.

  3. Modes: development of a conceptual model.

  4. Mapping: designing of information representation and management.

The interaction design is characterized by a more emotional perception of information thanks to the use of pure graphics and professionally executed illustrations. These are the works, which unlike classical design, have a greater impact on the audience.

The complexity of the interaction design for your product will critically (more than any other design factor) affect the development time, budget and even the need for personnel.

In order to make the interaction designing process more efficiently, our designers use the following interaction designing techniques:

  1. Prototyping: In order to ensure a fast feedback from a group of potential users, we use paper, paper-in-screen, and high quality target device prototyping.

  2. Use of templates: The community of web designers has produced a variety of templates, which can be classified, for example, according to the users’ needs: basic interaction, selection, input, navigation, search, data handling, personalization, shopping, etc.

  3. Wire-frame models: These are the rough design models, which consist of simple lines, shapes, and symbols and help to avoid unnecessary additional expenses.

When choosing the developers, it is important to be very careful, because they are required to have the ability to think in several categories. The iTechOza Software Company have become successful thanks to the ability of our professional team of developers to clearly define the objectives and intersection points of the clients’ and users’ interests, as well as thanks to deep understanding of the needs of both sides.

In the course of our work, we pay special attention to the product's functionality. The specialists of the iTechOza Software Company create beautiful and efficient tools for successful online businesses and our web-based resources help to attract and retain a large number of clients.

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