D3.js Development

D3.js Development

D3.js, or Data-Driven Documents, is an advanced, powerful, and flexible JavaScript library designed for data visualization. With this library it is possible to represent data of any format (JSON, CSV, XML etc) as an interactive tables, graphs, charts or diagrams of any kind. To achieve this D3 uses data-driven approach to DOM manipulation as well as combined powers of JS, HTML, CSS and SVG. It does not depend on any frameworks or libraries like jQuery and is fully based on common web standards. This provides a full cross-browser compatibility and environment independence.

The noticeable feature of D3 is it’s extreme speed and a wide collection of plugins and components. It easily supports any large datasets and complicated user interactions. Smooth animations, dynamic effects, transitions, tooltips - this is not a complete list of D3 ultimate power!

D3 is noticeably similar to other DOM management libraries like jQuery. Instead of imperative and outdated DOM API it uses more modern Selectors API for modifying document which allows more efficient DOM nodes manipulations with less code.

D3 can transform your data to any convenient text/graphic form - line, bar, doughnut, pie chart, geological projections and far, far more. It also works extremely well with geological data in various interpretations.

D3 provides wide range of methods for working with DOM nodes like registering event listeners, setting styles and attributes, changing text and HTML content, removing, adding and sorting nodes. These can satisfy any project requirements and meet any implementational needs.

Everything mentioned above combined with the excellent documentation and huge amount of practical use case examples accounts for the D3 great popularity. It is confined only by your imagination and platform technical capabilities. D3 is simply irreplaceable tool for applications with some dynamic informationally saturated dashboards with loads of analytics and other graphical data representation.

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