PostgreSQL Development

PostgreSQL Development

iTechOza is specializing on different PostgreSQL projects. Our team provides companies and individuals with full support for such projects. We are eager to assist you, help you fulfill any task, no matter what your requirements, needs and desires are. We are working on both small and big projects.

The list of our services for PostgreSQL projects include the following steps:

  • Installation [we can install the server for you]
  • Assistance [we can help you configure the server based on the needs of your project; we can also explain and help you overcome any troubleshooting and issues you might come across]
  • Backup [we help you create a backup copy of the database]
  • Consultation [we can give you advice and provide further consultations once PostgreSQL is installed and configured based on your needs]

iTechOza can professionally design your personal PostgreSQL project. Our team will implement all your wishes into life and advice you what can bring your project success. We also provide full optimization services, including the server performance analysis, database analysis [for both your operating system and PostgreSQL], correct indexing, slow query analysis and optimization and proper server performance alone with resource utilization.

You can rely on iTechOza when you need to develop PostgreSQL project. We guarantee professional and individual approach, high quality service and positive attitude.

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