React.js Development

React.js Development

React (sometimes called React.js or ReactJS) is an efficient, declarative, and flexible JavaScript library for developing interactive user interfaces. You can build simple views for each state in your React application, and it will efficiently render and update only the needed components when your data change. Besides, your code becomes easier to debug and more predictable.

ReactJS helps programmers to build big web applications that use the data, which vary with time, without page reloading. It aims at being fast, easy, and scalable. React processes only user interfaces in React applications.

One of React peculiarities is the possibility to use JSX that is a programming language with the syntax close to the HTML syntax, which is compiled in JavaScript. Developers can achieve high productivity of React applications with the help of Virtual DOM (method of viewing and interacting with the objects in the HTML, XHTML, and XML files).

You can create isomorphic applications using the React, which will help you to avoid such unpleasant situations when the user is eagerly waiting for the data to fully download and something else, except for the loading process animation, appears on the computer screen.

Using such advanced possibilities as Virtual DOM and isomorphic JavaScript, React developers can create highly productive applications very quickly, despite the level of their complexity.

Given to the possibility of code reuse, it has become much easier to develop mobile applications. The code, which was written during the process of web site programming , can be reused for creating mobile applications. If you are going to use not only the website, but also the mobile application, there is no need to hire two big teams of developers.

The opportunity to easily reuse the existing code increases the speed of development, simplifies the process of testing, and, as a result, decreases costs. The fact that this library is developed and supported by the highly qualified programmers, as well as the fact that it is becoming more and more popular every year, suggests that the tendency to further improvements will continue.

ReactJS is a really staggering library because it provides a new way for designing and developing of interactive interfaces, as well as simple means for the creation of adaptive-hybrid and isomorphic web applications.

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