Ruby On Rails Development

Ruby On Rails Development

iTechOza has been developing Ruby on Rails apps for years. With impressive experience behind, we can say without doubt, that our main expertise in web development is connected with Ruby on Rails framework. We’ve made a decision to use Ruby, as it’s a tool for teams, interested in rapid development that ships features quickly, rather than working on ideal code.

With iTechOza Software team of professionals you’ll get:

  • High-quality, quick-delivered, optimized product
  • Delivery straight in time
  • Responsible approach to the requirements
  • Long-term development support

Why Ruby on Rails?

As working mostly with startups,team iTechOza is conscious that sometimes, speed is crucial for testing an idea and making another iteration of improvements. Here one of the biggest pros of using Ruby on Rails - the possibility of rapid development within budget, comes in handy. Thanks to the community of developers, to reach desired level of development speed, our team can use ready-to-go parts of code (named Gems in Ruby), which brings benefits without additional effort to test your MVP (minimum viable product).

If your decide to build a product without testing in place, you can waste huge amount of time dealing with the unforeseen bugs and errors. The significant benefit of Ruby on Rails framework is writing tests for code has become must-have for any of our projects at iTechOza.

Our partners are really excited how easy it is to integrate 3-rd party solutions in Ruby on Rails project: either payment system, share button or CRM plugin done by another provider, any integration will be delivered fast and with high quality.

All this and many other benefits keeps us staying with Ruby as with a symbol of startup community.

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