Slim Development

Slim Development

Slim is a lightweight and fast templating engine used mostly for Ruby on Rails projects. It takes the same idea of minimal syntax as Haml does and brings it one step further. It removes as much unnecessary elements from template as possible without making it look too incomprehensible.

Like Haml, Slim does not use closing tags and angle brackets while avoiding even more needless characters. And like Haml, Slim also compiles to HTML and uses indentation for code blocks separation. But the huge advantage of Slim is speed. It is approximately eight times faster then Haml. All this makes Slim even more elegant then Haml.

Developers in iTechOza always favour Slim (or Haml depending on project needs) over regular HTML due to it’s aesthetic and minimalist feel. Using Slim can contribute to any project with as readable and clean markup structure as possible and really speedy, easy to maintain templates.

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